Breast Cancer Prevention Methods

There are several methods that have been helpful in preventing breast cancer. There are some actions in your every day life that can greatly reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.

1. Reduce your alcohol intake: It has been discovered that there is a connection between alcohol intake and cancer. Just one drink a day can put a woman at higher risk.

Reduce alcohol intake.

2. Quit smoking: This will reduce your chances significantly of getting a cancer diagnosis, even breast cancer. Living a healthy lifestyle is key to reducing your risk of cancer.

Quit smoking.

3.Hormone Therapies: You may want to consider ending hormone therapies because this also increases your risk a diagnosis. Talk to your doctor about other alternatives.

Talk to your doctor.

4. Exercise regularly: Exercising is a miracle drug. It helps increase circulation and keep a normal body weight. The Department of Health and Human Services suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. Do something you enjoy. Brisk walks are always a good way to stay active. Consider losing weight if you are currently overweight. Consult your doctor for making any major life changes.

Take a walk to stay active.

1. Regular self exam: Take the time once a month to do a self-exam. Make note of any skin changes or tumors of any kind. Any abnormalities should be reported immediately to your doctor.

Early detection is key.

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