Causes Of Lie Bumps On The Tongue And Treatment For Painful Bumps

Lie bumps are those white or red bumps which emerge onto the surface of tongue. This condition is not contagious and it is accompanied with a sense of pain as well as irritation. The most common causes leading to this condition are deficiency of Vitamin B, too much scraping of tongue because of sharp edges of food, as well as cleaning of tongue. And what could really ease the condition is cold compression. Other than that, drinking cold water and gargling with salt water can really ease the condition.

And just like a common belief, never confuse ‘lie bump on tongue’ with telling lies. This terminology is meant for ‘transient lingual papillitis’. Lie bumps are tiny white bumps that appear on the tongue, probably for a small period of time.

Even the medical researchers have not been able to know the major cause for appearance of lie bumps on tongue. What affect this more is the little taste buds present on the tongue. Anyway the lie bumps aren’t that painful; but in case they get majorly inflamed then they can be really painful. With lie bumps, it can be a little difficult to chew food. But they aren’t contagious and do not pose any risk to your health.

Causes Of Lie Bumps On The Tongue

When the tiny papillae present on surface of tongue get inflamed or irritated, lie bumps appear. The most common reasons taken for the formation of lie bumps on tongue are scraping of food and excessive rubbing when cleaning tongue.

Another possible reason for lie bumps is said to be deficiency of vitamin B. Mental stress, gastric indigestion, hormonal imbalances, or even consumption of acidic food can result in formation of lie bumps.

The reason for development of lie bumps can be intake of hot drink. These can irritate or burn the tongue’s upper surface and even the inner mouth

Symptoms Of Lie Bumps

Inflammation of taste buds leads to lie bumps. These bumps stay for some time and heal on their own after some time. And the signs or symptoms accompanying the condition are mild, yet infuriating. These bumps are painful and can hinder the process of eating and drinking. The tenderness can settle down after some time. When you will not irritate the tongue, the lie bump would go away.

Treatment Of Painful Lie Bumps On Tongue

The doctors can just give reassurance of lie bumps getting healed all by themselves. Nonetheless, there are some great remedies that can be sought to heal lie bumps on tongue.

  • Cold compresses are the best healing remedy meant for treatment of lie bumps on tongue. In fact a vanilla ice cream can provide relief. Coldness of ice can numb the tongue and provide relaxation.
  • Gargling with warm salt solution can be of great help as it can ease the pain.
  • An age old remedy for treatment of lie bumps is mint leaves. Simply chew a few mint leaves as it will relieve the pain.
  • Just don’t scrub the tongue and avoid any kind of trauma to your tongue.
  • Drink boiled milk in combination with figs to treat lie bumps.
  • You should intake supplements containing Vitamin B, particularly green leafy vegetables and foods as this would ease the condition.

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