How to Naturally Remove a Corn or Callus on Hands?

Corns on Hands

Corn on hand is a type of callus. When the hand repeatedly suffers from irritation or trauma it develops callosity as a protective mechanism. Excess pressure on the skin causes the outer most layer to thicken. Callus is often seen in parts of the body like the feet, knees, hands and elbow that are prone to friction.

The callus develops due to pressure that makes the skin grow faster. The skin also produces excessive keratin that thickens it and makes it unattractive.

Most times this defect is caused by normal daily activities. For instance putting on tight fitted shoes can cause the edge of the toes to develop callus. Corn on hands is a form of callus that is recognized by tiny raised bumps that appear on the joints of the finger or by its side.

It usually has a solid center and few millimeters in diameter. Those at risk of having this defect are guitar player, writers, carpenters or any occupation that puts pressure on the hands. Corns on the hands can cause pain but it does not indicate the presence of any abnormality.

How to Remove a Corn on Hand

The presence of corn on hand does not cause any infection so there is no need trying to remove it. The major reason why people want to get rid of the callus on their hand is so that a new skin can grow or just for beauty sake. However, whatever be your reason for wanting to remove it there are different homemade procedures for its removal and they are:

  • Metal nail file: it has similar principles as that of pumice stone. The file is uses to smoothen out the rough skin.
  • Pumice stone: pumice stone can be used to remove dead skin cells just by rubbing it against the affected area. It works better if the hands are soaked in warm water before using the stone. However diabetic patients should not try this because it can lead to abrasion.
  • Castor oil: before going to bed, soak a cotton ball in castor oil and apply it on the affected area or you can place the cotton ball on the affected are using a bandage to last overnight.
  • Natural moisturizers. The Calendula herbal cream or oil has a dual nature as it has the ability to soften the skin and also prevent it from cracking.
  • Wear gloves: before engaging in activities like weight lifting endeavor to wear a glove for protection of the skin.

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