Distended Urinary Bladder: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Many a times, you may have come across situations where you would have had an urge to pass urine badly but couldn’t do so immediately because of some reasons. The result of which is a distended urinary bladder and a mild pain in the abdomen region. Most of the times, one has to face such a situation during travelling. And once you pass urine, it feels really relieved as the bladder gets empty.

Nonetheless, there may be other situations leading to distended bladder due to pathological conditions. Here, a person may try to pass urine but without much luck, and end up passing just minimal quantity. Such retention of urine can cause distended of bladder and end up in accumulation of urine in large quantity.


Major Causes For The Condition

There are mainly two reasons for distention of bladder, which are as follows:

  • A possible blockage in the urinary tract
  • Or a damage to nerve walls that controls urination

Let’s discuss these conditions in detail.

In case the bladder is distended due to blockage in the urinary tract, then there is a huge possibility of large size stone blocking the urine expulsion. And at times, prostate enlargement can hamper the urethral passage thus causing distended bladder. Such an occurrence is quite common in males over age of 55 years. Depending on how large it may be, the flow of urine can be obstructed, partially or completely. Even issues like spasm or stricture in urethra can cause blockage of urine.

On the other hand, the urinary bladder gets distended due to neurological problem that means damage to nerves controlling contraction as well as relaxation of bladder. Spinal cord compression can cause damage to the nerves. Spinal nerves can also be compressed due to infection in spinal cord called as pott’s disease. This can be a prime cause for distended bladder. As far as females are concerned, ovarian tumor or fibroid can result in the condition. Also, bladder enlargement can happen because of use of certain muscle relaxants or anesthetics.

 Symptoms Of Distended Urinary Bladder

  • Pain in lower abdomen is the first issue that patients suffering from distended urinary bladder complaint of. When palpated, the abdomen can feel swollen and tensed. Most common, this is experienced by thin people. Nonetheless, old people and the ones in comma may not feel such pain or discomfort.
  • Most of the people find it difficult to pass urine even after having the urge of doing so. After applying pressure, you can experience partial urine expulsion. They will always feel their bladder full all the times.
  • In some cases, it might take longer than normal time for a person to pass urine when trying to strain.

There can be a few symptoms related to this neurological problem like decreased muscles as well as weakness in limbs.

Treatment Options For Distended Urinary Bladder

  • In an acute case of distended urinary bladder, application of hot water or a shower in hot water can be really beneficial. This causes the bladder to open up and pass urine easily.
  • You must have the encouragement to pass urine during this period.
  • Watch a water tap passing water as it can many a times help start the flow.
  • If in case nothing works for you, it is best to visit a doctor as they would use catheter to remove accumulated urine. They would use proper precautions to avoid septic during insertion of catheter.

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