Finding the Right Doctor

Finding a doctor may seem simple at first but there is a certain process of research and evaluation you should go through in order to find the right doctor to fit your personal needs.


Talk to your family and ask them for references. You can also talk to co-workers and close friends. If they come highly recommended from one of these individuals, then most likely they are worth looking into. Also call medical schools and hospitals and ask for referrals.

Even if your doctor refers you to them, check them out

Your doctor may refer you to specialist for whatever reason. It is still crucial that you still do your research and check them out. Go online and check how they rate with other patients. Also check and see if they are under your current insurance plan.


Ask the doctor about their credentials and is currently licensed. It is also a reasonable request to ask for a background check on this physician. Make sure that they are board certified.

Bedside Manner

Make sure your doctor has good bedside manner. Do they thoroughly listen to your concerns and ailments? If they seem like they are rushing you out the door this is a bad sign. If they give you all of the information you came there seeking as well as treat with you and kindness, then they are definitely someone that you would like to consider as your physician.

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