How to Get Rid of Crook in Neck and What are its Causes?

Crook is a discomforting pain which affects the neck. It gives the sufferer pain when turning the head due to spasm in the neck muscles. Wrong sleep position often gives you pains when you wake in the morning. This is not the only cause of crook in the neck. Other causes of stiffness of the neck include; trauma and pinched nerve. The pain caused can be severe or mild, occurring gradually or spontaneously.

In most cases, it occurs spontaneously. Women suffer crook in the neck the most. In severe cases, the pain often extends to the shoulder blade and the tip of the shoulder.

Causes of Crook in the Neck

Crook is referred to as neck stiffness in medical therapy. It is often caused by wrong sleeping position at night. Sleeping on a pillow that is too high or flat leads to stiffness of the neck.

Spasm of the muscle has been identified as the major cause of pain experienced during the movement of the neck. Sleeping for so long in the wrong position causes the neck muscle to stretch and at the same time causing compression of the nerves passing through the neck. The result is pain and inflammation.

The second major cause of neck stiffness is cervical spondylosis. It affects the spines the most. It occurs when nerve fibers coming from the cervical region located in the spinal cord gets compressed when the space between two cervical vertebras contracts. The result is pinched nerve which brings about pain and stiffness in the neck.

Medically, the real cause of crook neck hasn’t been identified yet but the afore-mentioned conditions abound.

Getting rid of Stiff Neck

Crook in the neck isn’t really a life threatening condition only that it inflicts pain on the sufferer when the patient tries moving his or her neck. Though it takes between two and three days for symptoms to disappear, it takes longer for severe cases. If crook in the neck is caused by injury or cervical spondylosis, it often takes a very long time for healing to complete. It is important to seek medical assistance here.

Hot fomentation can be effectively used in treating neck stiffness. It effects healing by eliminating the stress and strain on the neck while at the same time improving blood circulation around the neck.

Ice fomentation works best at the early stage of the neck stiffness. It involves wrapping ice in clean water and then placing it on the affected area for 10 minutes.

Avoid overstretching the neck to avoid worsening the condition. Acupuncture and consultation with a chiropractors offer relieve from the condition.

Finally, frequent exercising, healthy lifestyle, and proper body posture are preventive techniques of avoiding neck stiffness.

Home Remedies and Exercise for Crook Neck

There are some home remedies and exercise which can effectively be used in the treatment of crook on the neck. Massaging the affected area with coconut oil brings about faster relieve from neck stiffness. It also helps improve blood circulation around the neck tissues.

Frequent rotation of your arm during the day is a good way of causing muscles around your neck to stay relaxed.

Eating potassium filled foods such as avocados, banana, milk, dates and baked potatoes helps keep away muscle spasm.

If you work requires you staying in front of your computer, try turning your neck every 10 to 15 minutes.

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