Getting Over Morning Sickness

Although it is called morning sickness, pregnant women can experience this any time of day. But there are a number of different ways that women can relieve their morning sickness and beat that constant nauseous feeling.

Small meals

Eat small meals as frequently as you can.  Don’t let your stomach become empty because you or more likely to feel sick. It your typical meals as well as snacks in between. Try eating a little bit slower so you do not overeat which tends to make you feel even more ill.

Stay hydrated

If you are getting sick many times throughout it is extremely important to remain hydrated throughout the day so you do not become sick or dehydrated. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will help keep you hydrated. Drinking carbonated beverages such as Sprite will help prevent nausea. Try not to drink TOO much as it will make you feel sick as well.

Eat crackers

If you find yourself getting up to go the bathroom a lot at night, stop for a moment and snack on a few crackers. They are easy to digest and help soothe a sick stomach. Keep some crackers by your bed at night just in case you wake up with morning sickness.

Avoid foods that trigger nausea

Try to stay away from foods that trigger nausea. Also avoid greasy or fatty foods as they tend to upset your stomach.


Do not ignore your cravings, especially if it has the potential to make you feel better. Your body is trying to tell you something. Sometimes your body may need more calcium or protein, you may start to crave peanut butter or milk. Go with what your gut tells you.

Avoid laying down after eating

Laying down horizontally will interfere with digestion. Try to avoid it for 30 minutes after you eat.

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