Hair Stuck In Throat? Know The Home Remedies To Get Rid Of It

You can experience a great deal of discomfort if something gets stuck in your throat. As it is a highly sensitive area, any kind of irritation can be distressing. Many a times, patients including adults and children need to be taken to emergency rooms when some foreign particle gets stuck in their throat. A lot of things can get stuck in the throat including fish bone, hair, and alike.

A lot of patients complaint about hair been stuck in their throat. While most of the times it is just a sensation that may happen due to common cold or even sore throat. A few times, even a hair strand can accidentally get stuck in the throat causing major discomfort. Nonetheless, in many cases the hairy sensation can be the result of consuming spicy food, frequent clearing of throat, or even cigarette smoking. Whatever the reason be, it is extremely important to find a solution to this problem. The strand of hair won’t remain in throat for long, and will be pushed forward in the stomach while swallowing food. In case the problem persists for longer, there can be a lot of home remedies that can come handy.

Common Hair Remedies To Get Rid Of Hair Stuck In Throat

In a lot of cases, the irritation in throat can be because of all the reasons discussed above. The sensation can remain for some time before it finally heals on its own. However, some tips that you can use as a remedy to this problem have been discussed below:

  • One of the best remedies to get rid of hair stuck in throat is eating 2-3 bananas all in once. The hair can be dislodged easily from throat with a bolus of chewed bananas.
  • One can also get rid of the irritation sensation using another home remedy i.e. eating French fries. Eat a few fries in a go and the hair stuck in the throat will push down to the stomach with bolus of French fries. The hair will easily get excreted out of the body as stool.
  • Drinking warm water can be an ideal solution to such a hairy sensation. It would be best to gargle as many times as possible with warm water.
  • A lot many times such a sensation can be a result of acid reflux disease. In such a case, it would be best to avoid consuming spicy food and even oily food.
  • You can even eat a bread slice or two to move down the hair stuck in throat.

So, the next time you sense a hair stuck in your throat, try all the measures discussed. However, even after trying all the measures, you do not find relief; consult an ENT surgeon as soon as possible. The doctor will examine your throat and determine the exact problem.

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