Hematoma: Symptoms And Treatment Of Hematoma After Surgery

Hematoma in most cases is a medical complication that follows surgery. It is as a result of blood collecting over the surface of the spot of the surgical operation, which is often caused by the tearing of a blood vessel passing through the spot. Severity of hematoma will depend on the individual and can go away after sometime without any treatment.

Hematoma is often caused by poor aftercare after a major surgical operation. Though hematoma will go away naturally without any form of treatment, it is often advised that you seek medical help once you notice it. Hematoma is often associated with poorly conducted medical surgery. However, certain medication like blood thinners can contribute to the formation of Hematoma. Aspirin being a typical blood thinner inhibits the formation of clot, thus making the body more prone to develop hematoma after an incision. Other less common causes of hematoma include hypertension, consuming alcohol in excess, over stretching the ligaments during exercise etc.

Symptoms of Hematoma after Surgery

Below are some of the common symptoms that accompany hematoma after surgery

  • Operated site suffers pains
  • The skin beneath the affected area develops a purple or bluish discoloration
  • The site of operation may suffer slight bleeding
  • Symptoms like compression of surrounding tissue may accompany larger hematoma. This will then lead to a condition known as necrosis which occurs when tissues surrounding the affected spot die off.
  • Hematoma worsens if any form of infection is present. This leads to the discharge of pus like substance, itching at the affected spot and then redness.

Treatment of Hematoma

Less severe hematoma can be resolved in a matter of days and so may not need medical attention. But if the hematoma is large sized, then here are some treatments that can be followed.

  • Incision and drainage. This is achieved by opening an existing wound and then draining off the accumulated blood.
  • If the hematoma is medium sized, then anti-inflammatory and analgesics can be effective. But drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen has to be avoided at all cost because they lead to the thinning of the blood.
  • To minimize internal bleeding thus stimulating increased re-absorption of blood, apply ice of towel dipped in cold water on the affected spot. Good rest is also needful
  • To ease the pain and itchiness which accompanies Hematoma, drugs like Silica, Bryonia Alba and Sepia which are homeopathic drugs can be taken several times a day.

Applying turmeric powder on the site of operation can effectively prevent secondary infection. It is equally important to avoid pressing or massaging the affected spot. Proper body posture plays a big role in healing. This is because gravity helps drain away accumulated healing thus stimulating rapid healing.

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