Does Alcohol Causes Hemorrhoids and Home Remedies for Its Treatments

Hemorrhoids, also recognized as piles are veins which are swollen and inflamed located in the anus and the lower rectum. It can be caused by various factors. In some situations, it may be linked to the consumption of alcohol.

  • As people get older, the likelihood of them developing haemorrhoids is incresed.
  • It is estimated that around half of the adult population would have developed signs of haemorrhoids.
  • They can either be external or internal with piles which are external leading to the highest irritation.
  • Although, hemorrihoids is not caused by alcohol directly, they can assist in complicating the situation.

Does Alcohol Cause Hemorrhoids?

No. Consumption of alcohol alone won’t result to haemorrhoids. Nonetheless it can have an impact on the other factors leading to the condition. This leads to a worsening of the symptoms, recurrence and issues healing.

Alcohol and Piles Correlation

Excess alcohol in the diet can aggravate a case of haemorrhoids. This is majorly because;

  • Alcohol in the body pulls water out of cells and results to dehydration
  • These can also result to constipation and harder stools.
  • Constipation leads to an elevated amount of straining which also worsens pile
  • People who want to carry out treatment of their hemorriods and prevent them from happening again, should cease consuming beverages that contain alcohol.

Asides from alcohol, elevated intake of caffeine may also worsen hemorrihoids as it can lead to dehydration of the body.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

The following are some of the major reasons for piles;

  • Straining with bowel movements -can result to irritation of the veins in the rectum.
  • sitting on the toilet for long periods – can result to an increase in pressure on the rectal area
  • Constipation/ Chronic Diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity

Hemmorhoids can also be gotten genetically asides from the factors listed above.

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Treatments

  • Avoid the intake of drinks and food potent in caffeine as well as alcohol
  • Consume a lot of water as it aids in averting constipation and staying hydrated
  • Take a Sitz bath as frequent soaking in a Sitz bath can aid in relieving irritation and itching
  • Warm and Cold Compress- these can aid in the reduction of the swelling and controlling the pain, pain relievers may also be prescribed by doctors
  • Avoid the use of toilet paper which is dry – towel which is moist can aid in keeping the anal part clean better than toilet paper which is dry
  • The anal area should be kept clean by bathing regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine-rich foods and drinks

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