How to Act When You Have Fever

If you feel you have fever or feeling ill, you need to act on it immediately. Follow few steps how to treat your fever.


1. With the help of thermometer check whether you have fever or not – If you realized that you have fever, first step you need to check is the temperature. You can check your temperature with the help of thermometer. Average body temperature of a person is observed around 37 degrees Celsius. So you can conclude easily about fever,you suffering from illness if your temperature falls above 37 degree Celsius( 98.6 degree Fahrenheit).

Its very easy to check the temperature, though there are several types of thermometer.

Different types of thermometer are –

  • Rectal  – Its either digital or manual. For Rectal thermometer, use lubrication like petroleum jelly and place tip in anal opening. You need to wait until the thermometer beeps if its a digital one, and if its manual you need to wait for approximately 5 minutes. This method is usually used for infants.
  • Axillary – Its either digital or manual. In an Axillary method  you need to place it under the arm with its tip in the deepest crease. Similar to Rectal thermometer, you need to wait for the beep if its a digital thermometer or approximately around 5 minutes if its manual.
  • Oral – Its either digital or manual . Its most common thermometer used for easy detect of fever temperature. Place the thermometer under the tongue, wait until the thermometer beeps if you using digital thermometer or wait until 5 minutes if its a manual one. Should always remember, don’t take oral temperature test immediately after eating or drinking, because it will affect the results.
  • Temporal – Its digital, and checks temperature in forehead. Its used by pressing the button down and sweep probe across your forehead. This is latest method to detect accurate temperature.
  • Tympanic – Its digital, checks temperature in the ear. Temperature is checked through your ear, you need to pull top of earlobe up and back, and place tip pf thermometer in ear canal open part. Press the thermometer button until it beeps. Care should be taken of that probe is pointed into the ear canal opening and not on the ear wall, it will not show correct results.

2. Try to avoid your Work and Stay at Home – Try to avoid your work until you recover your fever completely. Rest is the best step to be taken, to overcome fever soon. If you will try to make your body work, when you mind and body are not in healthy condition, you will simply stress yourself more.3. Use Cold Compress to Reduce Fever- Water do wonders! It also helps to reduce your fever temperature. You just need to follow simple step. Damp a fresh cloth in litter colder water or normal room temperature water. Squeeze the cloth softly to remove the excess water from it. Place the dampened cloth on your forehead. This will reduce your body temperature, as cloth will get warmed. This dampened cloth helps to remove the heat from body.

4. Take Proper Rest – Try to sleep for long hours to recover illness more quickly. Don’t utilize your energy moving around inside your house which will exhaust your energy more. As fever brings weakness too, so sleeping helps you to save your energy and recover your illness.

5. Consult Doctor if Fever Don’t reduce with Self Care- If self care at home don’t help you to reduce your fever temperature or illness, and you suffer from severe headache, nausea, vomiting or any other unusual change in health, consult your doctor immediately and provide entire details of your health situation.

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