How to Avoid the Stomach Flu

Nobody has time to deal with the flu. Especially the stomach flu. Are you missing a lot of work or school because you have to be near a bathroom? Are you simply fed up with it? Here are ways that you can avoid catching that pesky stomach bug.

Wash your hands

You can wash your hands frequently to stop germs from spreading to other parts of your body such as your ears, eyes and nose. This is what makes you sick. Make sure you use soap and water and to wash thoroughly for 30 seconds.

Stay away from sick people!

If it all possible stay away from people who are sick. Sometimes this is unavoidable depending on what you do for a living. This is how germs are spread. If you do have to make contact with people who are sick make sure you remember rule number one, wash your hands!

Stay away from bad food

Stay away from food that is bad or looks unclean. Even stay away from food that was prepared by someone who might be sick.

Tooth brush

Do not put your toothbrush anywhere near a toothbrush that belongs to someone who is sick. This is a real quick way to pass germs around.

Eat healthy foods

Eating foods that are good for you keeps you feeling good as well as looking good. You can clean out your intestines with fiber and clears your body of gas.

Medicine and Supplements

While some medicines can help relieve you of your flu symptoms, the best thing to do is make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins. Vitamin C supplements are the best way to go.

Go to the Doctor

If you are unable to manage your symptoms, please consult your doctor immediately. That is what they are there for.

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