How to avoid UV Exposure

Ultraviolet Radiation means the part of the electromagnetic spectrum where wavelengths are shorter than those of Ordinary ones, visible violet light but longer than those of X-rays. UV Radiation are present in sunlight. The stroke of ultraviolet radiation on human health has indications for the risks of sun exposure. So to avoid UV exposure is not the only step, should take steps to protect health from UV rays.

Steps to Protect yourself from UV Rays

1) Detect Sources of UV in your day today Schedule and Environment – In our environment sunlight is not the only source of UV radiation. There are several types of Man-made UV sources like UV lamps, mercury vapour lamps, Black light lamps, Plasma torches, Fluorescence equipment, welding equipment.

2) Avoid Sun Exposure between 10am to 2pm, when UV rays are in high amount – 

  • The skin has the higher risk of getting sunburn due to UV rays. Any skin color can be damaged by UV radiation, its not just the risk to fairer skin.
  • Its proven Skin exposure between 10am to 2pm should be avoided because 65% of UV radiation reaches the earth between these times.

3) Replace Light bulbs or cover replace light with indirect lighting –

  • To avoid UV radiation from lamps, cover all exposed lighting. Fluorescent lamps emit UV radiation fluorescent lamp.
  • Science says that radiation of lamps at 3 cm distance, and daily direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation for skin and eye can damage it within 50 minutes to  5 hours depending on the type of lamp.

4) Apply Sunscreen Daily in your daily routine – 

  • Sunscreen acts as protecting shield from UV radiation. the continuous depleting ozone layer increase risk of getting harm from UV radiation of the sun.
  • Applying sunscreen helps to block these harmful rays from penetration the skin which causes skin disorders. Be careful while your choose your sunscreen lotion.
  • Opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion that is not hypoallergenic.
  • Check the SPF in it. Choose a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and which is waterproof too.
  • Such sun screen shield your skin from ultraviolet radiation, and protect your skin from rashes, acne, sunburns. Before you step out in sun, plan your schedule to apply sunscreen half an hour ago itself.
  • So its always safe advisable to use sunscreen in daily routine. The benefits are notices in long run of its usage.
  • If you in sun for long hours working or enjoying sunbath, it is advisable to reapply sunscreen in regular intervals after every 2 hours to protect your skin from UV radiation.

5) Use accessories protecting from UV radiation- 

  • Cover up your body with lightly woven clothing that blocks the UV radiation.
  • Wear a hat that protects your neck, ears and face – Wear a hat with max 3 inch brim around it. Its an ideal choice to protect our exposed body part from UV radiation. It helps you to protect the forehead, skin, ears, face, eyes and scalp.
  • Wear UV absorbent shades– Sunglasses should block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays. So make sure to check the quality label before you buy it.
  • Protect or cover your hands with hand gloves.
  • Cover your feet with socks.

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