How to Be Healthier in 14 Days

Most of say to ourselves in a day to day basis that we want to be healthier. A lot of the times we say it, but have no idea how to go about it. If you can stick to a new way to be healthier 14 days then you can do it for even longer if you put your mind to it. Here are some ways for you to become a healthier person in 14 days.

Food Pyramid

If you can print out the pyramid do so, if not write it down on a piece of paper so you can keep track of the different types of healthy foods to choose from.

Stick to the plan

If the food pyramid says eat 4 portions of fruits and vegetables every single day, then divide it up and eat 2 portions of fruit and 2 portions of veggies every day.


If you do not like eating fruits try making a smoothie. You can make a variety of different types of smoothies with fruits such as oranges, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries…anything you want!

Eat vegetables

If you do not like eating vegetables there other options for you like drinking tomato juice or eating carrot sticks. You can make a salad with any kind of veggies you like, be creative!


If you do not like to exercise frequently try just taking a walk while listening to music. Create a playlist for your walk and make it an enjoyable experience. If you do this daily you will begin to see results and it won’t seem so bad!

Drink water

If you can try and drink about 8 glasses of water daily. It may be tough on you at first especially if you drink a lot of soda. Start with cutting your soda intake by 50% and go from there.

Go online

Start doing searches online for new ways you can stay in shape and healthy meals you can prepare. This is the best way to stay informed.

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