How to Check Breasts for Lumps

Breast Lumps are usually noticed as swellings that make you feel different from the breast tissue. It is essential not to ignore such swelling in your breast. As such breast lumps are symptom of breast cancer. So it shouldn’t be ignored, and women with breast lump should consult doctor.

Breast lumps are usually detected by women with Breast self examination itself and later can consult doctor to diagnose it. Few steps to diagnose Breast Lump with Self examination  are as below-

Step 1- Check first Change in Breasts size,shape or color –

Look at your Breasts in the mirror. Stand straight in-front of mirror and rest your arms on your hips. Notice keenly your breasts.

  • Is there any change in size, shape or color of your Breasts.
  • Breasts are evenly shaped or not and is any swelling noticeable.

Consult a good Doctor immediately if you notice severe rash on Breast, swelling, redness. Notice is there any bulging, dimpling or puckering of the skin.

Step 2- Change the Position to Notice the Change- 

Now change the position of hands. Raise your hands and look into the mirror to notice for same change in size,shape or color.

Step 3- Notice Change in Breast Nipple –

Notice the change in Breast Nipple, is any discharge of fluid from nipple been observed. Its most common symptom in women to detect breast lump. The majority of nipple discharges should be later diagnosed by the Doctor. Women should consult doctor for analysis. The discharge of nipple is examine, with Doctor’s procedure to detect if cancer cells are present in the fluid on not. The fluid is accumulated on glass slides and determined with the help of microscope.

Nipple Discharge is a concern if it is :

  • Watery fluid which is red, brown or pink color
  • Bleeding
  • Discharge appears without squeezing it
  • Discharge from only one nipple of the breast

Step 4- Pain from long Hours causing Discomfort-

Pain in breast is experienced by many women. Breast size changes slowly as breast develop with time. It begins menstruation and women experience various kinds of breast pain throughout her life. Pain is experienced during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and with aging. But pain which causes pain apart from these reasons with some tenderness in Breast can lead to Breast Lump. Examine the pain immediately if you not going through the menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

Step 5: Check With Few Movements- 

You can check your breasts while lying down, use your left hand to feel your right breast and then your right hand to feel your left breast. It’s Simple to follow the procedure-

  • Feel your breast using your hands, feel it with fingers. Pad on your breast with fingers, keeping the fingers flat and close to each other. Do the finger pad in circular motion.
  • Feel the finger pad movement on whole breast in circular motion from top to bottom and side to side.
  • Begin this movement at the nipple, further moving in larger circles until you reach the outer edge of the breast.
  • This can be done by moving fingers up and down vertically as done in circular pattern.
  • It helps to feel all the tissue of your breasts, so be sure you use your fingers with very less pressure on your breasts.
  • If any pain felt during the slight pressure of finger with uneven change felt in tissue of breasts, consult your doctor.

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