How to choose Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin surgery is usually preferred to overcome skin damages done due to sun exposure, wrinkles, scars, complexion, skin discoloration. Laser surgery helps you to get rid of this skin problems and improves the overall appearance of your skin texture. Though skin surgery sounds good, but to prefer the right type of surgery needs a proper survey before opting it. Some lasers are painless and non wounding while some lasers include rapid intensity light to remove the scars, wrinkles and skin pigmentation. So before moving ahead with any laser surgery, try to have sound knowledge about the procedure your skin have to go through. Few steps discussed below to keep in mind before you choose any laser skin surgery.

1) Judge before laser skin resurfacing will improve your skin. 

  • Examine your skin nicely, know your skin problem to be treated with laser. If you have some irregular changes in your skin like brown patchy skin color which is known as melasma, usually found in women of reproductive age group .
  • If your skin is damaged due to sun exposure or have wrinkles appearing on skin surface. Laser will help to treat this sun damaged and wrinkles problem. Wrinkles are either dynamic or static. Static wrinkles appear on face always visible while dynamic wrinkles appear only due to specific movement or expression.
  • If you have scars that makes your skin surface looks uneven due to acne scars, moles or any other type of specific scar. Laser skin resurfacing will help to treat it well.

2) Select the Right laser method .

  • As technology is growing very fast, lasers too have many advances in it. It is now possible to improve and overcome sun-damaged, aged and uneven skin surface. There are few laser surgeries known as Ablative, fractionated and Intense Pulse light method.
  • Ablative surgery procedure is used for age spots, uneven skin, sun-damaged skin, aged skin and even acne. Ablative surgery works by passing an intense wavelength of light to your skin, this helps to remove the affected area of your skin which is either the sun damaged or aged skin. It further stimulates the underlying skin, which results in collagen formation and helps to improve the wrinkles.  Slowly with time this lasered skin area heals and new skin forms.
  • Fractionated Lasers are used to treat the wrinkles. It works only on the damaged area of your skin and the remaining part is untouched.
  • Intense Light Method are used to treat skin discoloration, hyper-pigmentation and surface texture/roughness. Skin absorbs the light emitted by the treatment flash and stimulates collagen growth in your skin.

3) Choose the Right doctor for skin Resurfacing treatment :-

  • There are many qualified surgeons in professional organisations, but if you choosing the primary surgeon make sure its certified doctor to perform cosmetic surgery. Recommendations from personal contacts can also be preferred. Surgical Staff like the nurses, staff of operating room are best source to get advice about the surgeon’s skill in this profession.
  • Check the total experience of surgeon, and even about training. Is the surgeon specialized in specific surgery procedure. Verify surgeon’s certification, education and license.
  • You can ask the surgeon to show some results of surgery done before. Like the before and after photos of treated person can be shared to know about skills.

4) Get aware about the risks and post effects of laser skin resurfacing:-

  • If you decide to go ahead with laser skin resurfacing, be aware about the post duration to heal the treated skin surface. It consumes around 8-9 months or even more to regain the normal pigmentation after laser skin resurfacing is done.
  • Swelling after laser skin resurfacing is normal. Most important is to wear sunscreen with sun protecting factor(SPF) of 30 or even higher will do. Avoid sun exposure for long hours.

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