How to Cure Hair Loss and Baldnesss

Is hair Loss and Baldness stressing you? A person looks attractive if have hair that shines due to natural health. But hair loss is a problem now a days, a common problem experienced by many. To overcome hair loss and baldness with natural remedies is not the only step to be taken, we should try to avoid the reason for hair loss and baldness. There are innumerable reasons causing hair loss such as too much stress, nutritional deficiencies, scalp infection, excessive smoking, aging, environmental effects, iron deficiency anemia, hormonal imbalance and thyroid disorder.

On daily basis its very normal to lose 50-70 strands a day. But when the number of loosing strands increase its time to take some action so that it don’t result in baldness or bald spots. The best solutions to control hair loss are simple home remedy. Stop being stressed, here’s simple solution how you can do it.

Coconut Milk of Fresh Coconut – Coconut milk remedy is nature’s remedy for hair loss. Coconut milk is extracted and it’s different from coconut water. Coconut milk contains vitamin like niacin which helps to increase the blood circulation. Besides beneficial for hair loss, its also used as home remedy for enhancing beauty. Its beneficial for skin also in many ways.

Coconut Milk is the simple solution for your hair loss and baldness problem. And also helps for hair growth. Vitamin E is beneficial for hair and coconut milk contains vitamin E and fats which is the only reason that coconut milk is so beneficial. So people who are facing hair loss and baldness problem, Coconut milk is the easy remedy to stop hair loss and overcome baldness.

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How to Extract Coconut Milk  ?

  • Take fresh coconut and grate it with help of grater.
  • Take a cheese cloth and put the grated coconut content on it.
  • Squeeze out the milk from that cheese cloth, and collect the milk in a separate bow.
  • Filter the extracted milk, so that grated particles are removed.
  • Store the coconut milk in freezer until it freeze and turns in coconut milk cubes, similar to look like ice cubes.

 How to apply the Coconut Milk ?

  • First of all remove Tangles from your hair.
  • You need to apply coconut milk on scalp, with the help of coconut ball. Take coconut ball and dip into the milk. Cotton ball is used because it ease up the application on scalp.
  • Apply well the coconut milk on entire scalp and hair tips. Give a soft hand massage to your scalp.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap to prevent the leakage of milk and leave it for 20-25 mins after applying the coconut milk.
  • The coconut milk will enter the root of your hair.
  • After 20-25 mins, rinse off your hair properly followed with conditioning. Apply conditioner after you rinse it.

The result will be noticeable soon in the form of silky, shiny and smooth hair. Your hard work will be appraised by yourself when it will help you to control the hair fall and baldness. Coconut milk will help you for sure to look more attractive with long shiny hair.

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