How to do Yoga (with pictures)

1. What Are Your Goals? Are you looking to do strenuous exercise, or are you simply looking for simple relaxation techniques to help reduce stress in your life? If you are looking for a challenge, you might try Fwith Power Yoga. If you are simply looking for a way to reduce stress and be more peaceful in your daily life, you might try normal Hatha Yoga. You should look up both of these types and find out what is right for you.

Yoga Stretching

 2. Yoga Group: The easiest and most effective way to learn yoga is in a group. Whether it be a class, or just a group of friends getting together, it is proven to be easier and more enjoyable to learn in a group. 80% of the people who learn yoga in a group stick with it.

Doing yoga in a group is more effective.

3. Find the Right Exercise for You: Warming up is simply not enough. It is important to do cardiovascular before starting your daily yoga routine.

Exercise is important before beginning.

4. Find the Right Yoga Practice for You: Yoga consists of not just practicing the art of yoga but also the art of meditation.


5. Do Yoga Regularly: Start a routine and stick to it. Generally, start with 15-20 minutes daily. Try also to practice the same time every single day.

Develop a routine.

6. Find Ways to Stay Motivated: It is always important to remember why you decided to practice yoga to begin with. Make it something you enjoy, play some relaxing music, and make it part of your happy, healthy, daily life.

Stay motivated.

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