How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites

You may have a mosquito bite, but you don’t have to let the mosquito bite have YOU!  There is nothing more irritating than an itsy-bitsy little bite from a pesky (and usually determined) mosquito who’s out to take a tiny sample of your blood to feed on.  It’s amazing how something so tiny can wreck so much havoc on you.  From swollen, red spots and hives, infernal itching, and the first thing was you trying to smack it as it went in for a landing on your arm.  Let’s see how we can put them in their place and not let them take control of you and your day.

Signs you’re getting ready to be bitten: 

  • Visual sighting of the critter
  • Swatting aimlessly at the air around you (looks funny, but you can’t help it!)
  • Irritating buzz noise when flying close to your ears

Signs you’ve been bitten:

  • Instant “pinch” when bitten
  • Immediate Itching
  • Small red mark or hive
  • Smack mark from where you tried to hit it
  • Did we mention, itching?

Well, these little “mini-vampires” are out for blood, and they seem to be attracted to you and yours.  How to take back control.

“I’ve been bitten, what first?”

  • Don’t scratch it – It makes it worse and spreads the antihistamine in the bite, so you’re itching more and scratching more.

Time tried and true remedies

  • Calamine lotion has been around for centuries. This slightly pale pink lotion is great for the itching.  Apply with a cotton ball and if you have multiple bites, just know you’ll look like a walking polka dot!
  • Hydrocortisone cream is great for taking away the itch. It also doesn’t only takes away the itch, it reduces the swelling around it.
  • Ivory soap. Yes, the age old soap just needs to be dampened a little and run across the affected area and helps reduce the itching.
  • Apple cider vinegar works well to stop itching, however, the fragrance lingers in the air around you. It’s your choice, stop the itching, or smell like a salad bar.  For most, stopping the terrible itching far outweighs the smell.

There is no instant removal of the bite area if you have a reaction that swells except just a piece of ice on it which also soothes the itching as well.  There’s no miracle cure.  If you notice a lot of reaction from a bite or multiple amount of bites with reactions such as hives, rapid spreading of welts and redness, or even wheeze or have breathing issues seek medical attention.  You could be having more of a reaction than the average person to the bites.  Situations like that are few and far between, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

When you know you’re going to be in an area highly populated with mosquitos, take precautions such as bug repellent or citronella candles if possible.  They do help.  If you’re not sure what mosquito repellent is down, your alley, just ask your local pharmacist and they can recommend a product best suited for you and your needs.  From waterproofing to area cleansing, they can tell you what is best for your situation.

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