How to Handle a Cancer Diagnosis

Nobody wants to go to a routine checkup and hear that dreaded word: cancer. Feelings of fear and hopelessness take over us, but sometimes we forget that it is more often than not a treatable disease. Try to remind positive during this trying time and read these tips on how you can deal with hearing that cancer diagnosis.

Talk to a friend

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone and let out all of those repressed feelings of hopelessness, denial and shock. This will help you to overcome those feelings of anxiety and stress. It will allow you to understand your particular cancer and learn more about steps that you may be able to take to make this process easier on yourself.

Think positive thoughts

Try to remain positive throughout this time in your life. It is ever so crucial to not allow yourself to become too overwhelmed. You are obtaining a lot of new treatment information and it is a lot to take in. You could very well fall into a deep depression. Surround yourself with people who will keep you optimistic.

Educate yourself

Not very many people truly understand what their condition is and how it effects the body. Educate yourself by reading books and and even keeping a journal. Talking to your doctor and your friends will also help. Get the most up to date information so you have a better medical understanding of your diagnosis and what to do next.

Don’t frighten yourself

The first thing you may want to go do is go online and read all of these insane horror stories about people in similar situations. A lot of times all this does is scare you. Take everything you read with a grain of salt and do not be afraid. Some of those stories are very exaggerated. Everybody is different.

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