Know Everything About White Patches On Tonsils

A lot of people these days are complaining about a persistent pain in their throats caused due to white patches on the tonsils. It is an indication of pus accumulated over the time which can be accompanied with a little discomfort, fever, or even problem in swallowing. These white patches also mean tonsil stones. Such tonsils mean cause viral or bacterial infection and many other problems like headache or stiffness in neck. So, you must consult a doctor and carry out lab tests to know how the pus is accumulated and why it pains.

Tonsillitis is a condition where one’s tonsils get swollen and result in white patches. It can be a bit discomforting condition for most, and can make you feverish. Such a problem is also known as strep throat.

White Patches On Tonsils No Fever/ No Smell

Tonsil stones can get accumulated on the tonsils and can be yellowish in color, accompanied with foul smell. Also called as Tonsilloliths or Tonsil crypts, these stones aren’t extremely harmful but they certainly foul smell. One of the major indication of a person having white patches or stones on tonsils is bad breath. And not to forget, these stones aren’t any food debris. In fact these are a combination of nasal drip, bacteria, as well as sulfur compounds.

Causes Of White Patches On Tonsils

There can be different causes of white patches, based on the prognosis. Some of the common symptoms of white patches caused due to infection include fever, body aches, runny nose, issues with swallowing, sinus pain, and even nasal congestion.

Strep throat is an infection that is majorly caused by streptococcus bacteria. It is a contagious infection which is accompanied with pain as well as fever. Other major causes of white patches can be infectious mononucleosis which is a viral infection or autoimmune reaction. Another common form causing white patches is Leukoplakia. This condition can become cancerous if not treated well within time. Nonetheless, most of the times, Leukoplakia isn’t really harmful. This condition can be common in people who smoke or consume tobacco.

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