Causes Of Mucus In Stomach & Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Our stomach is one of the most vital organs of the body. It is in the stomach that the food we eat is acted upon by gastric acid. A stomach that is in a healthy state will be covered by a mucosa. The mucus secreted by the mucosa helps protect the stomach from the acidic nature of gastric acid, protecting the stomach from perforation and ulcers.

There are times when mucus accumulates in the stomach after being passed down from the respiratory tract, leading to GI disturbances.

When mucus accumulates in the stomach, it leads to abdominal pain, discomfort and spasm. In some other cases, vomiting and nausea can be experienced. To diagnose this problem, you might have to run several series of test. Gastric disturbance could also be responsible for cough, allergy to dust and cold.

Generally speaking, phlegm and mucus often flows down from the respiratory track into the stomach. Asthma, sinusitis or viral infection can also be responsible for buildup of mucus in the respiratory tract.

If you discover that mucus has been running down your throat, then you will have to seek consultations with a doctor to find out the actual cause and also find out best treatment. One of the most common causes of this problem is sinusitis, allergy or acid coming from the stomach.

Natural ways of eliminating excess mucus from the stomach

Below are some home remedies that can be used in preventing the accumulation of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory track, and in so doing prevents it from flowing down into the stomach.

  • Clove: Its carminative abilities help improve the peristalsis considerably. Clove eliminates phlegm and cough the instance it is applied.

Dosage: Mix powder clove with a tablespoon of honey and then take once every day for a period of 1 week.

  • Basil: Basil is effective against phlegm and cold, decreasing the effect of peptic acid that accumulates in the stomach, thus reducing acidity problems.

Dosage: Add some amount of basil leave to your meals

  • Mint: Mint leaves provide relief to a gastric system. Eat at least 5 leaves after every meal. The cooling effect of the mint leave will help soothe the discomfort and pain on the stomach linings. It also helps eliminate mucus buildup and at the same time provides relief from stomach spasms.
  • Ginger: Ginger is an effective homemade remedy which helps eliminate gastric and respiratory problems.

Dosage: Get an inch of ginger and then boil in a bowl filled with a glass of water. Add a little quantity of honey. Consume the mixture at least two times a day. For more effective treatment, mix the ginger with jaggery. The Gingerols contain in the ginger can effectively inflammations and infections, providing relieve from respiratory and canal complications.

  • Indian Gooseberries: They contain lots of vitamin C. Research has shown that no food contains as much vitamin C contained in berries. Vitamin C provides relieve from injured stomach linings and esophagus. It has been proven to be effective in fighting respiratory infections, thus preventing mucus from flowing down into the stomach, and in so doing inhibits gastric derangement.

Dosage: A tablespoon of Indian gooseberry powder (fresh berry) should be consumed at least twice a day.

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