Natural Antacid Foods And Drinks: How To Make An Antacid At Home?

If you experience acidity in the stomach, then there is a solution for that and that is consuming food or drink containing antacid. Antacids can have two kinds of affect on the body; first they neutralize the production of acid in stomach and second antacids simply lessen the production of acid. Acid present in stomach reacts with the food consumed and passes it down to the intestine, thus completing the digestion process.

For proper digestion, acid is quite important, though there can be cases where one experiences minor problems like gastritis or heartburn. A lot of people complaint about heartburn after drinking alcohol, coffee or tea, or even after consuming spicy food. In most of the cases this would be just a temporary condition which can last for a short period, but if one suffers from chronic heartburn, then it can be certainly miserable situation for the people.

Therefore, one must understand the reason behind heartburn and how exactly antacids can ease the problem.

When we eat something, it goes through the food pipe in our body also called as esophagus and reaches the stomach. And as it is meant to be, the food doesn’t goes back to the food pipe as there is a valve attached to the esophagus at the bottom. It is the main cause that stops juices of the stomach from re-entering the esophagus. But if the valve weakens, there are chances that the juices re-enter the lower ends of esophagus. And then the acid combined with stomach juices may inflame the esophagus, thus leading to heartburn.

Which Foods And Drinks Are Natural Antacids?

It is possible to reduce heartburn by altering your lifestyle, eating healthy food, as well as by consuming pharmacologically prepared antacids. However, there are also some natural home remedies which are quite effective and can be used to ease the condition. And the fact is that natural antacids are not accompanied by any kind of side effect as opposed to commercially available antacids. The antacids include the food that we eat.

  • Milk: Milk is a powerful antacid that can diminish the production of acid in the stomach cells. Calcium is an important content of the milk and a lot of commercially prepared antacids have calcium as one of their ingredients as it is known to curb hyper-acidity. What milk basically does is it lines the stomach and lessens the secretion of acid.
  • Bananas: If there will be excessive acidity in the stomach, then banana intake will surely neutralize it by simply coating the stomach lining. It however depends on the quality of bananas that the acidity will reduce. Even symptoms like heartburn will be treated effectively with bananas.
  • Carrot Juice: Gastritis is treated properly by drinking carrot juice along with spinach intake. Just mix half of carrot juice with half of spinach juice and drink it in the morning every morning, especially if you have heartburn.
  • Almonds: These are natural antacids as they have oil in them that neutralizes the acid. Just eat 5-6 almonds daily as snack to avoid acidity.
  • Apples: If you are experiencing a burning sensation in your stomach then you can reduce it by eating apples. You can mash the apples so as to make the swallowing process easy. Apples are natural antacids.

Tips To Make Natural Antacid At Home

You can prepare natural antacid at home in order to cure the burning stomach pain.

  • Aloe Vera Juice: It is a miracle product that can treat acidity and various other problems. The treatment is known for curing the burning stomach. So, you can drink just an ounce of aloe Vera juice everyday to treat the problem.
  • Mixture Of Honey, Lemon Juice And Water: Prepare the mixture in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it early in the morning to fight acidity. This natural treatment will offer great results for hyper-acidity.
  • Baking Soda: It is an excellent natural antacid that can cure heartburn easily. Just mix half teaspoon baking soda in water and mix it well. As it contains sodium bicarbonate, it reduces the discomfort associated with heartburn and cures acidity.

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