Painful Papillae On The Tongue And How To Treat Them

The tongue is a sensory organ which helps us to sense the taste. On its surface there are taste buds, mainly near the papillae. These identify the taste as sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or tangy.

The four kinds of papillae are discussed below:

Fungiform: The fungiform papillae are found on the tongue commonly on the tip and the sides. These papillae have a characteristic mushroom shape and majorly sense the sweet and sour tastes.

Filiform: V-shaped, these papillae are quite long. There are a lot of these types of tongue papillae and these provide abrasive coating to the tongue. These sense the sour taste.

Foliate: Found on the sides of the tongue, these have an elongated fold.

Circumvallate: The circumvallate papillae have taste buds that sense bitter. They are majorly present at the back of the tongue.

What Causes Enlarged Papillae On Tongue?

It is important to know that enlarged papillae are common, mostly a part of growing age. However, there can be some cases where the enlargement may occur because of some other damaging conditions.

Some reasons which may cause enlargement of papillae on tongue have been discussed below:

Smoking: Chain smokers often have this condition because excessive smoking irritates the tongue.

Sores: In many cases, canker sores may be found in mouth which can’t be medically explained. However, these have been related to stress and sleeplessness, too. Sores can also cause enlarged papillae. While sores and acidity may appear to be minor issues, it is advised to seek a doctor’s help if these don’t disappear in 2 weeks.

Acidity: Some medical conditions like acidity can also result in the enlargement of the papillae. In fact, many gastrointestinal conditions have been related with the enlargement of papillae.

How To Treat Painful Papillae On Tongue?

There are certain things one can do to tackle enlarged papillae on the tongue.

  • Avoid smoking and you will see the difference for yourself
  • Stay away from acidic food items.
  • Make sure you rinse mouth properly with salt water to get instant relief.
  • One needs to have a good oral hygiene and must brush and floss twice a day.
  • Including yogurt in your daily mean will also improve enlarged papillae on the tongue. Make sure you are having low fat dairy products.
  • Do not bite the tongue.
  • Visit a dentist regularly.
  • Vitamin B12 can help with this condition. These are extremely helpful in curing sores.  Also ensure you eat prunes, dates, and other iron-rich food items to ease this condition.

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