Proper Nutrition and Managing Eczema

The proper nutritional program becomes a magic ingredient in curing eczema, making you feel a significant difference. Before designing your own healing meal plan, it’s highly recommended that you first understand your own body’s natural behavior. Additionally, the diet that you will take must have the ideal combination of nutrients that can repair and at the same time boost detoxification.

Every day, from four in the morning until noon, your body’s busy eradicating wastes & worn-out cells, making this the perfect time to repair body tissues. Thus, your breakfast plan must include food that speed up the detoxification and get rid of your body toxins fast.

On the other hand, every day from noon until eight o’clock in the evening, your body is focusing on digestion and breaking down food components that provide energy. It’s also one reason why experts say, “while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, lunch should be the heaviest.”

In the evening, your body absorbs nutrients that have been released from the diet and into all of your cells.

Your Perfect Diet Plan

At breakfast, it is recommended that you start off with raw fruits, like oranges, apples, pears and bananas. If you can’t eat raw fruit, you can experiment with fruit smoothies. All you gotta do is add fresh fruits into the blender with fresh water. You may eat any fruit, but, you have to avoid melons and grapefruit. If you would like some other good options, try cherries, plums, peaches, apples, oranges and pears.

Lunch Time

Use unheated coconut oil when preparing lunch and if you would opt for a cold lunch, use extra-virgin olive oil. Raw or slightly steamed vegetables are ideal lunch options that will help you cure your eczema.

About managing the itchy rashes, oyster, salmon, sweet potatoes and brown rice are preferable in treating the itch. In addition, raw goat cheese, steamed green beans, sautéed mushrooms and boiled eggs can also be used to fight and even heal eczema in the natural way. The good thing is that all the meal options listed on top can be paired with veggies to further strengthen the healing properties.

Vegetables you can also opt to put in your meal plan would include Brussels sprouts, turnip, kale, garlic, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, leek, broccoli, radish, and cucumber. Fresh herbs like mint, thyme, cilantro, sage, rosemary, ginger and basil can also be good choices to add in your favorite vegetable soup, salad and baked fish and you will surely be tempted to have another round of dinner.

Suitable Dinner Options

Exploring healthy dinner options may be of interest to you, and we have some suggestions that will help you design a fitting dinner. First, be sure to include a lot of vegetable juice in your diet plan to eradicate eczema quickly. Some ideal veggies you can juice for supper include carrots, celery, cucumber and kale. You may also add parsley, cilantro and apples to your fresh veggie juice to bolster the detoxification process.

You may want to try to spice up your veggie juices by making a bowl of crispy fresh salad and adding small portions of green beans, brown rice, quinoa, eggs, cranberries, carrots and other hypoallergenic food of your choice.

You can also take raw fruits and vegetables in case you will not want to prepare a complex meal. One thing  you must keep in mind, though, is that hydrogenated margarine and oils mustn’t be added in your healing diet plan.

If you have to cook on medium or low heat use olive oil, sunflower oil or flax seed oil. Cold preparations like condiments and salad dressings can be made with hemp seed oil or extra virgin olive oil. Meals that would require frying on high heart may be made using coconut oil or clarified butter.

Food to Avoid

  • Chocolate, coffee, cocoa, soda (even decaffeinated), and coffee
  • Carbonated drinks like sodas and alcohol
  • Dairy including milk, cheese, cream and whey
  • Acidifying food like beef, pork, chicken and tomatoes
  • Products with smoked and preserved fish and meat, and yeast

If you really want to eat meat, go for organic chicken and beef and limit your consumption in a week. Also, if you really want to have some sugar, be sure to only use stevia sweetener – it’s actually three hundred times sweeter than the normal sugar.


Your skin overreacts easily; thus, your skin needs extra special care. The first thing you need to remember is to change whatever you apply on your skin and that would include soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is present in many products used in improving lather, and that includes toothpaste. When you use products with SLS, the natural oils on your skin dries up. Next is the Parabens, Parabens are known estrogen-mimicking compounds and preservatives which disrupt the natural good-bacteria coating on your skin. The best answer to this is to choose organic shampoo bars and shampoos. They might be more expensive, but will do justice on your skin. Remember to read reviews on the products online first before making a purchase.

Also, don’t shower too long. If you’re living in a humid part of the world and would need to shower twice daily, make sure to have brisk showers. When water hits the affected area, it aggravates it. If you have really persistent eczema, first find the root cause. Your eczema could be caused by allergies or food intolerance. Cut out caffeine, milk, egg white and gluten one by one to see which absence will make your eczema lessen.

I know you won’t want to hear this, but actually, exercise helps boost the recovery from eczema as it promotes the removal of toxins and fast circulation. On the other hand, the toxins you find in your sweat could make severe eczema worse, so always make sure to have a brisk shower right after exercise.

In summary, eczema isn’t just a skin issue, it’s an issue of your entire body. Fuel the body with healthy food and cut out the toxins and the body will surely proceed to the natural healing instinct. Always remember that you are not alone, there are millions of other people with eczema and you can always find support and advice when you need it.

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