Causes Of Skin Tags On Lips: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Them

Having a completely spotless skin over one’s lifetime is near impossible because blemishes will definitely develop at some point on one’s skin. One of such blemish is skin tag. Though skin tag is more common among older people, young people aren’t completely excluded.

Otherwise known as achrochordon, skin tag is an irregular skin growth about the size of a rice grain which develops on the skin. It is commonly found under the armpit or breast, on the neck and eyelids. There are also rare cases of skin tag developing on the lips.

Skin tags aren’t harmful. However, it distorts the looks of a person especially if it develops on the lips, hence leading to battered self-esteem and low confidence. People who suffer from such skin complication often seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. Techniques such as laser removal and surgical excision can be used in the removal of skin tags. Better still, natural home remedies can be used in the elimination of skin tags.

Causes of skin tags on the Lips

There are lots of factors that are responsible for the development of skin tag, with some of them being obesity, friction on the skin and genetics. The condition is common to both men and women. Skin tag is more common on areas of the skin that suffer constant friction. Heredity is a culprit as well.

Falling into the habit of lips biting, also leads to skin tags because it leads to the damaging of soft tissues of the lips. Skin tag develops when once the damaged tissues start repairing due to the collection of excess collagen and blood vessel. This is the reason why men also suffer skin tag after shaving.

Other factors responsible for skin tag include; obesity, hormonal changes, HPV infection, and excessive intake of steroids.

Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags On Lips

Skin tags are harmless overgrowth which hangs out from the skin. It causes embarrassment especially when it occurs on the lips. While some are okay living with them, others take active steps in treating them.

Different techniques can be used in the removal of skin tags. One of them is surgical excision which involves cryotherapy or laser treatment. The drawback however is that they are pretty expensive and so home based remedies will be a better alternative.

  • Make a paste out of castor oil and baking powder. Apply the paste on the skin and go to bed with it. By morning, wash off the paste with slightly warm water and then clean with a clean towel. Repeat this until you see results.
  • Juice from onions can also be effectively used in the treatment of tags. Apply some of the juice on the affected spot and then go to bed with it. Do this over and over again until you see results.
  • Dental floss can also be effective. This should be done at the base of the tag, as it will eventually cause it to fall off. Tying floss at the base of the tag cuts off blood supply, eventually causing the tag to eventually die off.
  • Homeopathic drugs such as thuja can be used in the treatment of tags. The drugs cause the tags to dry up.
  • Applying vitamin E sourced from capsules on the tag dries up the skin tag. Doing this for 15 days will eventually lead to complete healing.

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