Causes of Strained Vocal Chords: Remedies for Damaged Vocal Chords

Strained vocal cords are not abnormal. It is a frequent issue experienced by a lot of people due to screaming, extending of voice for long periods among others. Vocal cords are two bands of muscles which can be found in the voice box also known medically as larynx.

Anytime we speak, these little bands of muscles extend. When these muscles get tired or gets injured it leads to voice loss. This can be accompanied by discomfort and pain in the throat, with surplus creation of mucus and issues in swallowing.

Causes of Strain on Vocal Chords

Strained vocal cords are not narrowed down to a specific class of people. We all depend on our vocal cords to talk.

Therefore this situation can happen to anyone at any moment. There are various factors responsible for prompting voice loss and hoarseness, through shouting, screaming and stretching your voice while you speak is a major reason.

Smoking is another major reason for straining the vocal cords. The muscle band becomes hard due to smoking. Polyp or a Nodule in the larynx, swollen thyroid gland, infection of the throat, hypothyroidism, respiratory infection that results to cough and cold are some of the frequent reasons for vocal cords that are strained.

Sinusitis, spasm, psychological trauma, paralysis of vocal cord and stroke can have an impact on the vocal cord. Sometimes surgery carried out around the vocal cord can lead to nerve damage and result in loss of voice.

Home Remedies for Damaged Vocal Chords

Since straining of the vocal cord is mostly as a result of over stressing the voice, the initial thing that requires doing is providing total relaxation to the vocal cords. Do not try to talk loudly or talk only when needed in minimized tones.

  • Make efforts to avert exposure to air that is cold because the issue can be aggravated by cold air. Sip a little hot water or herbal tea when you plan on going out in the cold. This will aid in moistening the mucus membrane of the throat as well as minimize the swelling.
  • Avoid alcohol and other beverages with caffeine
  • Inhaling steam is highly significant for the treatment of strained vocal cords. It acts in two ways, firstly it minimises congestion and secondly it battles any infection if any.
  • Gargling salt water is another significant measure for soothing strained vocal cords.
  • Utilise humidifier in your bedroom during the dry weather and winter season.
  • Exercises for breathing aids the strained vocal cords to rest.
  • Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are also efficient in eradicating the mucus plunges from the throat and minimising tension on the vocal cords.
  • Combine one teaspoon of honey along with a dash of lemon juice and pepper in water that is worm. The water should be sipped at your leisure. It is known as a remedy for relieving the vocal cords that is natural.
  • When there is hoarseness or sever loss of voice, speech therapy is an efficient measure to enhance the vocal cord strength.
  • Utilising anti inflammatory and antibiotics aid to minimize the strained vocal cords if there is a throat infection.

Surgery is recommended, when there is severe hoarseness as a result of polyp or a nodule on the vocal cord.

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