Causes Of Swollen Cuticle Area: Home Remedies To Treat It

Sometimes, your cuticles and nails can become inflamed, swollen and red. It is known medically as paroncychia and it is known to happen when the skin around the fingernail is over-cut and gets an infection.

The cuticle gets swollen and painful when an infection occurs and there is pus filled with blisters underneath the skin. The nail may become weak and might even fall off. This infection which is harmless should not be ignored because if treatment isn’t carried out immediately, it can spread and this otherwise harmful infection is known to lead to loss of finger.

Cuticle infection is as a result of yeast, fungus or bacterial infection. When the skin is breached due to poor hygiene, the bacteria are multiplied and the nail bed gets infected. You may get a cut around the nail when carrying out a manicure in the salon and this could lead to an infection.

Also in case you work for long periods in water, it might lead to an infection. Thus, it is very important that your hands are kept dry all day.

Home Remedies To Treat Infected And Swollen Cuticle

The following home-based remedies and steps would aid you in alleviating a swollen cuticle fast.

  • Make sure that the area is kept clean by washing it with water and soap. Also equally crucial is keeping your fingers dry after washing.
  • White vinegar is an efficient home remedy for inflamed cuticles. Equal parts of vinegar and water should be mixed in a little bowl. The affected finger should be dipped for 15 minutes. It may sting initially, but it eradicates the infection fast. There are anti-bacterial properties in white vinegar and will help in quickly reducing the infection in the nails. An anti-bacterial lotion should be applied thereafter on the cuticle and a band-aid should be utilized in covering it up. Soaking should be repeated with vinegar every day until the infection vanishes.
  • In a situation where the vinegar stings, an anti bacterial ointment can be applied. Ensure your hands ate kept dry for at least an hour after application of the anti-bacterial. This ensures that the anti-bacterial functions effectively.
  • Tea tree essential oil is another remarkable remedy that works quite well for swelling and infection of the cuticles. Clearing up the infection in 1 to 2 days. Neat tea oil should be applied to the inflamed cuticle 5- 10 times each day. Tea tree oil is a very powerful medicinal aroma oil that fights infection efficiently. It is an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that is effective for almost all types of infections. It is also suggested that a few drops of tea tree essential oil should be added to your cuticle alongside a hand wash.
  • A Vitamin C tablet should be consumed daily. it aids in enhancing immune functions and wards off infections quickly. Consult your doctor and begin a supplement, it can also be stepped up by consuming lemons, limes, mangoes oranges and ball peppers. They are all filled with vitamin C.
  • In a situation where the infection doesn’t vanish in 7 days, then you need to contact your health practitioner as he may recommend an oral anti-biotic.
  • Also ensure your personal manufacturing set is utilized. You will be amazed to realize how many salons do not carry out disinfection of their tools between customers. Also if it isn’t required to cut cuticles, then leave it alone, just push them carefully with a soft rubber tip as this minimizes the possibility of infection.

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