Causes and home treatment of Swollen Inner Cheek

Swollen Inner Cheek Causes

Swollen inner cheek is a very common problem caused by a host of factors. It often takes the form of small lesions caused by bacterial infection. It causes discomfort and loss of appetite.

  • Swollen inner cheek often results from traumatic experience such as a blow to the cheek. This inflicts damage to the surrounding tissues, ultimately leading to inflammation. The inflamed cheek then goes through hematoma formation (discoloration), as the flow of blood gets interrupted.
  • Bacterial infection causes the inner cheek to swell. It is major cause of swollen inner cheek. Bacterial infection results from the overgrowing of the flora. This overgrowth eventually leads to swelling and inflammation. The inflammation is simply a sign that something has gone wrong with one’s immune system.
  • If left untreated, abscesses can develop. Gum infection is also responsible for swollen cheek.
  • Malignancy can cause swollen inner cheek. This is because malignancy affects the lymph nodes based on its anatomical position (Tonsilar, Submandibular lymph nodes). Oral cancer often caused by abuse of alcohol and nicotine have carcinogenic effect on the cheek.
  • Health condition like lymphadenitis and mumps can also lead to swollen cheek. It is important for a patient to seek medical attention once these symptoms have been noticed.

Swollen Inner Cheek Treatment

Treatment for this condition will depend on the causative factor. Knowing this first ensures treatment is effective.

  • If ulcer which results from biting of the inner cheek is responsible, then a solution of sodium bicarbonate mixed with water should be used in treating the condition. Proper oral care is vitally important as it helps impede further spread of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Antibiotics and antihistamines should be used in treating the swollen cheek if it is caused by infection or allergies respectively. Natural antibiotic such as Echinacea has been commonly used in the treatment of swollen cheek.

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