Swollen Taste Buds: Know All Causes And Treatment

Tongue is quite sensitive and the small papillae on the surface of the organ are taste buds. The fact is taste buds can get swollen easily. And they are too tiny to be seen with naked eyes individually. It is because of the taste buds only that one can detect the flavor of the food that we eat. Only because of this organ, you can know if the food is sweet, sour, or pungent and they transmit a signal to the brain through facial nerves.

Now the taste buds detecting sweet taste are set on the tongue’s tip, bitter is detected by back of tongue, salty on the sides, and sour on the lateral side of the tongue.


What Causes Swollen Taste Buds?

  • Sometimes you may eat extremely hot food mistakenly that can lead to burns and irritation on taste bud, thus causing inflammation.
  • Hot tea or coffee can cause burning sensation to the tongue. It is a common reason for swollen taste buds.
  • Any trauma or bite on the tongue can lead to swollen taste buds.
  • Consuming spicy food is another cause of enlarged taste buds or inflammation.
  • In most cases, yeast infection or even mouth ulcer can result in swollen taste buds.
  • Irritants like alcohol, cigarette smoking, chewing tobacco, or lime can make taste buds to swell.
  • A lot of times, deficiency of Vitamin B especially B12 can impair the taste buds.
  • Apart from this, the acid reflux disease or the acid in stomach can climb from the esophagus to the throat, thus irritating the taste buds. One can experience soreness in the tongue because of this.

How To Treat Swollen Taste Buds?

  • Swelled taste buds can heal in a few days; however one must know the exact reason for the swelling.
  • A cut or bruise on the tongue should be treated with application of glycerin on the tongue’s surface. But you shouldn’t swallow it; instead spit it out within minutes. You should do this carry out this process three times a day.
  • You can also apply a paste of water as well as baking soda over the inflamed taste buds. Just rinse it with normal water
  • Application of ice can alleviate the problem, particularly when caused due to consumption of spicy food.
  • Yoghurt or vitamins can also help ease the swollen taste buds.
  • Prepare a mouthwash by adding tea tree oil water. Simply gargle out the mouthwash.

Consult a doctor if the swelling doesn’t reduce on the taste bud even after all these measures.

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