Tips on How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Don’t get your hair all in a knot about it.  Okay, yes, the pun was intended.  However, on a serious note, an ingrown hair is not the end of the world and happens to everyone at one time or another.  Especially those who shave.  It’s irritating, and can stick out like a sore thumb which makes it even more irritating.  You might think ‘Are they talking to me, or at the red bump on my face?!’ You feel like it’s not an ingrown hair but more like a target that draws people’s attention from you to the irritating bump or bumps that you have.

Ingrown Hairs – What are they?

Okay, we know they are ingrown hairs that cause bumps.  They also are referred to as razor bumps sometimes.  Just a nicer way than getting technical with calling them ingrown hairs.  They happen when a hair follicle is blocked by dead skin that can usually happen when shaving.  The hair tends to make its way around the obstruction and makes its way out sideways.

how to get rid of ingrown hairs

It will then make a U-turn and start growing back in the way it came out.  This forms a loop in the hair and a bump or red mark.  Sometimes they are the cause of a little pain or itching.  Also, they can have swollen tissue around it, hence, the red bumps or “razor bumps” mentioned earlier.  They are harmless, more

How do I get rid of them?

For the love of all that is good and holy, you don’t want to walk around sporting these red bumps and trying not to play with them or scratch them if they itch.  There are ways to get rid of them that range from a little tweezing it correctly to over the counter medications that can help as well too.

One way to start is to tweeze it.  It sounds like an issue, but it really is not if done correctly.  You must be careful to actually tweeze the hair and not pinch the skin it’s growing from.  That will cause more irritation and issues that can even lead to infection.  What you want to do is make sure the hair is showing and don’t try to dig in the bump to get to it.  You might have to wait for it to grow a little more so that you can nab the hair with the tweezers.

Once you grab the hair with the tweezers, you want to gently pull on the hair that originally was growing outwards before it turned sideways and made a beeline back into your skin.  Pull on the hair in the direction it was growing out in.  Once you get that part out then pull on the other end of the hair that started to grow in and remove it.  Easily done.  Just be patient and gentle.

Want to ease the process even further?

This is a good way to go about it if you’re ‘tweezer impaired’ and also help with any itching and swelling.  Purchase some hydrocortisone cream and apply it according to the directions to the ingrown hair and bump.  This cream will not only make it stop itching, it will also help with some swelling and redness caused by the ingrown hair.  It makes it easier to tweeze it out or even pull on it with your fingers, just remember to pull in the original direction the hair started growing in and you’re good to go!

Shaving cream helps too!

Ingrown hairs are a handful,  you might want to use shaving cream or hot compresses when shaving to free the hair in the follicle for easy removal. Then you will know that people are looking at you and not those pesky bumps!

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