Treating a Cold with Natural Remedies

Have a cold?

A cold can take a lot out of you. Nobody wants to miss work, school, or an important event because they have the sniffles. There are several proven ways to heal a cold naturally without using and medications. Herbs and vitamins are proven to reduce cold symptoms and to assist in preventing future colds. Below are some steps you can take to prevent a cold and keep your symptoms down to a bare minimum.

Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C shortens the length of time of your cold. While it does not reduce your chance of catching a cold in the near future, studies have shown that it can cut the time you have a cold by a day and a half.

Vitamin C drastically cuts down on the days you have a cold.


Nobody likes a sore throat or runny nose! Zinc lozenges can reduce the irritation of a sore throat and the constant annoyance of a runny nose. Also, if you take Zinc, it prevents the virus from multiplying, how cool is that?

Cool, huh?


Helping to make the symptoms less severe, this herb also gives your immune system a boost. It also cuts down on the sick days that you have to take at work.

Sick days.


This herb fights of the cold virus for you. It gives your immune system the kick it needs to get that cold out of your system.

Fights off you cold!

Clove bud

Put two clove buds into a cup of steaming hot water. Let it stand for two minutes and then drink it. Make sure you repeat this about 6 times a day. Studies have shown that the cold will be completely gone by the next day! Next time I have a cold I am certain to try this!

Get well soon!

It is so unbelievably important to take care of yourself. Make sure you also get plenty of rest and let someone pamper you for a little while if need be. These natural remedies are sure to help you through that nasty cold.

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