Understand Causes of Seizures

Seizure tend to occur due to unusual brain activity that will cause unexpected and abnormal nerve impulses. There are a number of causes for seizures and different areas of the brain that can be affected.

Study seizure causes

In nearly 70 percent of seizure cases there is know known cause. You must understand that they are simply a result of abnormal brain function. The other 30 percent of them are caused from epilepsy

Head injuries

When a person experiences a stroke, the tissue around the site of the brain bleeds and becomes overly excited.The same thing happens when someone has a head injury. There is also lack of oxygen to the brain.

Children and Seizures

Young babies that develop fevers can have a seizure. Sometimes certain medical conditions can lead to a seizure. This typically only happens once and once they have been seen by a doctor, the condition has healed and there is no further seizure activity.

Idiopathic seizures

Keep in mind that idiopathic seizures  begin between the ages of 5 and 20. This occurs when the patient has a family history of seizures but may or may not receive a diagnosis of epilepsy.

Causes of Seizures

Some of the more common causes for seizures are brain bleeding, tumors, stroke, lesions, or a traumatic brain injury. Brain infections and AIDS also cause seizures. Sometimes dementia, liver or kidney failure, low blood sugar and other medical conditions may cause a seizure.


This is a condition passed down to children from parents that affects nerve cells in your brain. Some of them may be small, however this condition is lifelong and one can experience seizures at any time.


Some other symptoms can be change in skin, muscle tension, arm twitching, vision changes, and hallucinations.

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