How to Prepare the Right Vaginal Douche at Home

Vaginal douches were at first used in cleaning the vaginal cavity, with the goal of conceiving babies with determined genders. Even though medical science has rendered this technique obsolete, some women still use it till today.

Tips on preparing vaginal douche

  • Vaginal douche can be described as a technique which involves the use of water in cleansing the vaginal cavity.
  • The goal of this technique is to flush out vaginal discharge and vaginal content.
  • Here are some reasons that can prompt douching: Flushing away remnants of menstrual blood at the end of one’s period, keeping away sexually transmitted diseases, getting rid of vaginal odor and a source of treatment for bacterial infection.
  • You can either buy the already prepared douche in the market or prepare one yourself
  • Next to buying the right douche, is observing the right technique in preparing the home-made vaginal douche solution
  • Avoid consistent douching as doing so can harm your vagina and other sensitive parts of your reproductive system.
  • Frequent douching also leads to irritation and infection as the natural environment of the vagina gets distorted.
  • Consult with a gynecologist before trying out douching.

Techniques for preparing homemade douche

Vaginal douche are basically of two types; buffer (baking soda) and acidifier (vinegar)

Vinegar Douche

  • Increases the vagina’s acid level
  • Believed to increase the possibility of having a female child
  • Ingredients: water mixed with apple cider at room temperature
  • Tools needed: A vaginal syringe and a bag
  • Preparation: Mix two cups of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar at room temperature

Baking soda douche

  • Increase’s the vagina’s alkaline level
  • Believed to increase the chances of conceiving a male child
  • Ingredients: Distilled water and baking soda
  • Tools needed: Vaginal syringe and bag
  • Preparation: Mix a glass cup of water with one tablespoon of baking soda. Ensure the mixture is thoroughly cleaned.

Other types of home-made vaginal douches

  • Tea Tree Oil douches
  • Garlic douche
  • Yoghurt douche
  • Herbal douche made from yarrow, peppermint and rosemary

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