What Are The Causes For Swollen Painful Boils On The Nose And Remedies For It

A localized infection hair follicle and even the area around it, is known as a boil. It is a bump under the skin just like an overgrown pimple, and is red, swollen, and painful. A boil is filled with pus. Caused because of staphylococcus bacteria, these can form anywhere on your body but most likely they can occur in armpits, buttocks, face, chest, thighs, back, ear, shoulders, lips, and nose. Boils, particularly nose boils require attention of the medical practitioners as not taking an immediate care can cause a lot of complications. Nose boils can be really risky as the veins present in nose are connected to the brain. And in case the infection spreads and reaches the brain via those veins, it can result in a fatal issue like cavernous sinus.

Causes Of Nose Boils

Nose is an important organ that can filter the inhaled viruses as well as bacteria. As there are tiny, little hair present in the nasal area, they clean the bacterials like staphylococcus aureus. Nose boils happen due to bacteria staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria in the nasal area as well as membrane of nose. Nose boils can be extremely painful and they must be addressed immediately. Some people can get nose boils repeatedly. Take a look at some reasons that can cause nose boils:

  • Nose picking particularly with dirty hands can cause nose boils. This way, the bacteria will go way deeper into the nose, thus causing a major damage.
  • Some people have a habit of blowing their nose, which can also cause nose boils.
  • Patients with conditions like diabetes, malnutrition, as well as obesity are at risk of nose boils.
  • If you squeeze the boils a lot, it can even spread to the surrounding areas.

Home Remedies For Nose Boils

In a lot of cases, nose boils heal on their own in some time. But in case they do not heal down in time, they will become painful. So in order to ease the pain and reduce swelling, you can follow a few home remedies other than taking usual antibiotics recommended by the doctor.

  • Use a wet cloth to do warm compresses on the nose at least four times as this can help ripen the boil quickly. Also, the pus will get drained.
  • You should not squeeze or scratch the boil as the infection can spread to other parts.
  • Consume garlic or onion juice to treat the nose boils naturally. Simply apply the juice on the boil as it will drain the pus easily.
  • Another effective remedy for treatment of nose boils is bitter gourd. Drink juice made of bitter gourd mixed with lemon juice to drain the pus from nose boils.
  • In case the boil grows and doesn’t responds to any home remedy, just visit your doctor as he will surgically remove it.

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