What Are The Causes Of Gurgling In Throat And How Can You Stop It?

Gurgling in throat can be extremely frightening for a person. Nonetheless, in maximum number of cases there is no reason to worry much. A lot of people experience a gurgle in stomach which they neglect. For novice, gurgle is that bubbling sound which is similar to the water coming out of a bottle. Adults or even children can experience gurgling sound in throat at any point of time.

The fact is gurgling is a sign that can be caused due to a number of reasons. With the particular rumbling noise, one can also experience other symptoms like nausea. There can be a lot of causes for the gurgling. And once you determine the exact cause for gurgling, then only you will be able to stop this.

Causes Of Gurgling Sound In Throat

Gurgling sound in throat is quite common and a lot of people experience this at some point of time in their lives. There can be numerous factors causing the gurgling. People having cough accompanied with expectoration can experience this condition. Another cause for this condition is reflux acid. Basically a little quantity of gastric content gets drained down into the lower part of esophagus, the pipe which pushes food ahead to enter the stomach. There is a sphincter present at the base of esophagus which stops the food from entering into the stomach. And in case sphincter is not able to do so, the gastric content goes back into the esophagus. It can also reach to the throat and even mouth. It is when that a person can hear gurgling sound in throat. This is most commonly experienced when a person bends or remains in supine state.

There can be times where gurgling sound in the throat indicates of something trapped inside the throat. You might have swallowed foreign body. Particularly in children, you must be extremely careful. A person with repressed emotions will also face such an issue. But this can be the only cause after all the causes have been ruled out.

Ways To Stop Gurgling Noise In Throat

In maximum number of cases, gurgling in throat stops after a short period. Nonetheless, this can be an extremely embarrassing situation for most. In case you are constantly facing the issue, proper care is needed. Knowing the underlying cause of the problem is important for treating the issue. Like if the problem has been caused because of sputum in throat caused by cough, then it can be cured only with the help of medicines. Even the sputum would loosen out due to steam inhalation.

In case the reason is acid reflux then it would be accompanied by a burning sensation in the chest. The patient should avoid eating spicy food or bending much as for the treatment is concerned. Lying down in left lateral position can be a great remedy. And in case there is a history of foreign body, emergency care is needed and a patient should be admitted in hospital.

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