What causes Loss of Cervical Lordosis, its symptoms and treatment

Cervical Lordosis refers to the area of the spine which contains the neck vertebrae. Its a C shaped curve in cervical spine. The spinal area in neck which is made up of 7 vertical vertebrae is known as Cervical Spine.Usually the cervical lordosis looks like a very wide C in a normal and healthy spine, with the C pointing toward the back of the neck.

If the curve is healthy and normal it easily bears the weight of head and helps to stabilize the spine. But its for sure a problem if the curve turns too deep and straightens out or even bows in the other direction. In short the curve results in reverse position which is known as cervical kyphosis. Cervical kyphosis is also referred as “reverse lordosis.” In such situation where the spine is bending in wrong direction,and results in damage of Cervical Lordosis, due to this pain and stiffness in neck is been experienced by many people.Causes which results in Loss of Cervical Lordosis A large number of patients suffering from loss of cervical lordosis is been observed as a majority in adults, which equally includes both males and females. Cervical lordosis is mostly damaged due to wrong or bad posture. The neck posture plays an important roles for resulting this damage of cervical lordosis. If you don’t carry correct neck posture it leads to loss of cervical lordosis. 

  • Young individuals who have there day today working on a computer, work nonstop for long hectic hours, due to which their neck muscles don’t get rest and finally results in strain in muscles of neck. Such individuals who suffer from strain in muscles bear a pulling pressure on the cervical vertebra to which they are attached. If such pulling pressure is experienced for long duration, it actually complicate the positioning of the cervical spine.
  • Impairment to cervical spine also results in damage of cervical lordosis. A sudden severe jerk or jolt caused during an accident while driving a vehicle, a direct jerk on the neck if experienced during this accident results in damage of curve of cervical spine.
  • Osteoporosis is also a major cause that may result in loss of cervical lordosis as it ruins the cervical spine normal curve. Osteoporosis is actually the thinning of the bones, due to deficiency of calcium and bone protein the bone mass gets minimized. The affect of osteoporosis on a person results to fractures which are usually recovered slowly with time. It is mostly observed in older adults. The weight of human head on neck, leads a pressure on the spine which damages the curve of cervical spine.
  • Obesity is also another factor that damage the curve of cervical spine. Obesity usually disturb the body’s balance and center by putting strain and weight on body, which disturbs the support and spoils the posture of neck.
  • The cancer patients who undergo the cancer therapy known as Radiotherapy can also cause damage in the curve of cervical spine.
  • Other uncommon factors which results in loss of cervical lordosis are skeletal disorders known as achondropasia, cervical spine tumor etc.

Symptoms of Damage in cervical lordosis

 Damage in cervical lordosis is often realised with an experience of pain or discomfort while doing the neck movements and also limits the motions in neck.It does occur suddenly, damage in cervical lordosis curve is often a slow process. At initial stage its not detected immediately by any symptoms.  Usually the initial stage of damage of cervical lordosis is unclear. Though after a duration of few months or may be even a year, pain is often accompanied with difficulty in turning or making movements in neck and experience the stiffness in neck.This time consumption done to detect the pain, leads the curve degree lesser than 20 degrees, while the degree of a normal cervical lordosis needs to be around 30 to 40 degrees. If its not treated immediately, it results in degeneration of cervical disc. Due to abnormal curve of the spine, or tensed muscles, it can lead to nerve related symptoms such as needles, numbness, tingling in hands and fingers. If these occurs, can’t conclude immediately that this symptoms are due to loss of cervical lordosis, but due to numbness in cervical nerve from pressure of vertebra curve. If such situation occurs, and weakness in hands and fingers is been observed, immediate medical supervision need to be done to avoid further problems. Treatment for Damage of cervical lordosis –With the help of few tests and physical examination it can be detected that, whether there is damage of cervical lordosis or not. The tests may be X-Ray or MRI of cervical spine to know the exact position of the curve and to know the extent of loss of cervical lordosis.At initial stage when suffering from pain and stiffness, medical treatment is only required at that stage. It is treated with the help of pain killers and muscle relaxants which reduces pain. It gets easier to avoid the discomfort in neck movements and increase the range of motion of neck.

  • Once it is detected at initial stage with minor symptoms, patient should consult the physiotherapist for guidance of physiotherapy exercises, which helps and focus on strengthening the muscles of neck and improvement of posture. Few neck exercises are been advised for the same. Such exercises instructs to move the neck and head sideways, and neck exercise is to bend the head forward and backward.
  • If resulted in severe damage of cervical lordosis, patients are bound to wear the brace during day time and while sleeping should support pillows. It helps to recover the damage curve of cervical spine.

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