What Causes Purple Pimple And Know The Effective Treatment

It is not every day that you encounter a purple pimple. Yes! Purple pimple! While most of you would have got at least one red pimple and thank god if you haven’t! Most of you won’t know much about purple pimple. Well, in rare cases, a purple pimple can pop out. Read some characteristics of such pimples:

  • They are characterized by a purple color.
  • It is particularly a severe case of acne.
  • Such pimples are not soft and in fact are hard.
  • These pimples are really painful and extremely inflamed.
  • You can see such pimples primarily in people of fair complexion.
  • Purple pimples appear when a pool of blood gets clot beneath the skin.
  • The lesions can get inflamed in case a person has secondary skin infections.

As compared to other pimples, this form of pimple carries the maximum risk of leaving scars. Some of the typical reasons because of which purple pimple formation can happen include overproduction of sebum, some kind of allergies, or even oily skin. An already greasy skin which has overproduction of sebum which act as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can result in the pimple taking longer than expected to heal. A follow-up treatment is a must in order to treat such kind of a pimple.

The cause for a purple pimple is generally the same as that causing other pimples or acne. Genetic factors can also be the reason for purple pimples.

Available Treatment Options

  • With a mild soap, clean your skin every day.
  • You should use soap having antibacterial properties but in a limit as overuse can lead to dry skin, causing irritation.
  • Don’t use too many products together in a single go. There can be products containing ingredients which might irritate the acne even more.
  • A popular home remedy can be use of garlic juice. It can help fight infection and ward off inflammation.
  • In order to remove excess oil from skin, use tomato paste with glycerin.
  • It would be best to consume healthy food and drinks to nourish the skin and keep glowing.
  • You must exercise regularly as sweating is going to remove toxins from the body.
  • Drink around 7-8 glasses of water every day as you must remain hydrated.
  • You can also seek dermatologic treatment to reduce scarring and achieve faster results.

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