What Causes Yellow Discharge Before Period And How To Prevent It?

Vaginal discharge is a common physiological occurrence in women during puberty before menopause. And before the onset of period, every woman can experience a discharge from their vagina. The fact is that before the ovulation, much more mucus is secreted from the vagina which is sticky and watery. And this secretion is called as cervical mucus.

Each day about two teaspoon of mucus is discharged from the vagina. This discharge is basically mucus as well as dead cells. Actually this is a process in which the body cleanses the debris accumulated in the reproductive system as well as maintains proper hygiene.

The discharge of mucus is generally thin and it stops before the onset of periods. This discharge looks like the white portion of an egg. And on being exposed to air, the discharge can turn slightly yellow. Nonetheless, there can be numerous pathognomonic factors which can cause the discharge to appear yellow before periods. Let’s take a look at the reasons which can cause yellow discharge before periods.

Causes Of Yellow Discharge Before Period

  • As we have discussed beforehand, the yellow discharge from vagina is quite normal. It can be light yellow and stretchy. Moreover, it can be free from odor.
  • Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that can cause discharge of yellow mucus before periods. Such discharge is smelly.
  • Women who have a condition or infection called trichomonas Vaginitis can face yellow discharge of mucus. This disease has a characteristic thick yellow or green color and can be accompanied with itching in the vagina. Also, a burning sensation when urinating is quite common. If the condition is not treated in time, the condition can worsen and the disease can spread. It can reach to the fallopian tube, thus making the tube inflamed and infected.
  • Yellow discharge can also be because of cervicitis. This is a condition where mucus is produced due to an inflamed cervix. The discharge is more prominent when the condition is accompanied with bacterial infection. More than often, the discharge has a bad smell and even pus in it.
  • Candida Albicans, a fungal infection, also known as thrush can be present in the genital area, thus causing itching and yellowing of mucus.
  • Women suffering sexually transmitted disease called as Gonorrhea are also likely to experience yellow discharge before their menses. This condition if not treated well in time can cause infertility. One can sense a burning sensation when passing urine.

Tips To Prevent Yellow Discharge Before Period

You must be thinking if the yellow discharge before periods a normal thing or abnormal. However, after reading the above mentioned information, there might be clarity on the discharge being a normal thing. And if the discharge is yellow, thick, as well as foul smelling then most likely it is a fungal infection or a bacterial one. What confirm the infection are the symptoms like soreness, itching, and burning sensation when urinating.

On the other hand, if the discharge is white, slightly yellow or odorless and doesn’t cause any burning sensation, the discharge is just normal.

So what steps should be taken to stop the yellow discharge before the onset of periods.

The two main factors that can prevent yellow discharge include practice of safe sex measures so that STDs don’t occur and maintaining proper personal hygiene.

  • A woman’s body has a self process of cleaning vagina and ensuring great hygiene when bathing or washing genitals.
  • For retaining healthy flora of vagina, one should eat yoghurt that contains lactobacilli. This is quite helpful with yeast infection as well as Candida.
  • One should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes and especially undergarments.
  • Avoid using soaps which have strong chemicals present in them as that can affect the good bacteria of vaginal region.

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